Ris Low in bedroom scandal

Ris Low can’t seem to stay out of trouble, can she?

The dethroned Singapore beauty queen is now in the soup again over a bedroom photo scandal.

Her trouble began when two photos showing a woman and a bespectacled man in intimate poses were uploaded on her Facebook wall by Singapore businessman Fred Chua, 37, who had tagged her in the pictures and written “ris low & me” as captions.

According to The New Paper, both photographs were self-taken, and show the duo from their bare shoulders up with their faces pressed close together.

But Ris strongly denied it, saying it wasn’t her.

“It’s not me, she doesn’t look like me at all, it’s an impostor,” she told The New Paper.

“I really pity the girl, I wonder how she feels.

“There are so many pictures (of women) on the Internet, especially on China websites, that look like me. I have a common face.”

Strangely enough, Ris said she did not feel a need to take the pictures off her Facebook wall as she “doesn’t understand what’s the big hoo-ha over these pictures”.

She also denied knowing Chua, but admitted to knowing his younger brother – whom she got to know when she was 17.

“My only communication with (Fred Chua) is via Facebook messaging,” she said, adding that they are Facebook friends because she is “not very careful” when it comes to adding “friends” on her Facebook.

The 23-year-old Ris first made headlines in 2009 for her famous “boomz” catchphrase and credit-card fraud conviction.