GE13: Sex blogger courts controversy

By Noorsila Abd Majid

OMG. Malaysian sex blogger Vivian Lee lands herself in the soup again when sexy photo of her with a Barisan Nasional flag made its round in the cyberspace.

In the seemingly nude shot, the 23-year-old could be seen holding the BN flag across her bare chest.

When contacted, Vivian told Red Carpet exclusively that she had no malicious intention towards the country’s ruling party, as we countdown to the 13th General Election.

“It was my boyfriend (Alvin Lai) who asked me to do a sexy pose with the BN flag,” she said. “It’s all his ideas. I did it for fun and it was for our personal collection. I didn’t know he has uploaded it on his official Facebook.”

According to the Multimedia University (MMU) graduate, the photo was taken by her boyfriend in the comfort of their love nest in the city centre two days ago.

And contrary to popular belief, she was garbed in a tube top and a pair of shorts for the steamy photo shoot.

“But I look like I’m naked in the photo,” she admitted. “That’s his idea.”

Vivian apologised if she had offended anyone who saw her photo, and assured Red Carpet that she would ask her boyfriend to remove the suggestive posting.

“I’ve not been on the Internet for a few days. So I don’t know what’s going on,” she said.

The couple sparked cyber furore last year when their postings on their blog Sumptuous Erotica became viral and was caught on by the Singapore media. Alvin, who is a National University of Singapore (NUS) undergraduate has since, been stripped off his NUS scholarship and suspended for a term.

Vivian’s latest cyber antics have sparked a row among BN officials, with UMNO Youth Chief Khairy Jamaluddin telling Utusan Online that he would lodge a police report against her.

“It’s rude,” he said. “I’m not surprised if she’s a supporter of the opposition and is out to sabotage BN in the upcoming General Election – by imposing as a lewd BN supporter.”