Biking all the way to Thailand with ‘Bikers Kental’

By Shah Shamshiri

Inspired by various international motorcycle road trip movies, Bikers Kental is the latest Malay film featuring Malaysian funnyman Zizan Razak as the lead on his motorbike.

The film directed by renowned local director of photography Helmi Yusof sees a star-studded cast line-up consisting of Zizan Razak, Awie, Bront Palare, Harun Salim Bachik and many others.

It also sees the participation of two Thai beauties Pornwipa Watcharakaroon and Julangtip Sukkasem.

Shot in various locations in Malaysia and South Thailand, the RM1.9 million movie seems set to be another hit among local cinema lovers with its right mix of love, comedy and action elements. This is further enhanced with the inimitable performances of the brilliant award winning stars of the movie.

Filling in the director’s seat for the first time, Helmi Yusof admits that he is very excited about the movie and the response from the public. Being a lover of ‘big bikes’ himself, he turned his passion into his inspiration while directing the flick.

After a string of road tours at various cinema locations in the country, Bikers Kental will be in all cinemas nationwide starting May 23.